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Summary of submissions by chapter

Here you can view submission summaries based on the chapter the submission applies to in the plan.

Summary of Submissions

The summary of submissions lists what people are asking for and briefly explains why. You can also read the original submissions for more details.

When making your own submission, please refer to the original submission number in the summary.

Download the full summary of submissions by chapter document here.

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General (1)


Planning-Maps (1)

Planning Maps

1.-Introduction (3)

1.1.2 Introduction Contents
1.1.3 Introduction Purpose
1.1.4 Introduction Description of the District

2.-How-the-plan-works (2)

1.2.1 How the Plan Works Statutory Context
1.2.2 How the Plan Works General Approach

3.-Interpretation (2)

1.3.1 Interpretation Definitions
1.3.2 Interpretation Abbreviations

4.-National-Direction-Instruments (2)

1.4.1 National Direction Instruments National Policy Statements and NZCPS
1.4.2 National Direction Instruments National Environmental Standards

5.-Mana-Whenua (1)

1.5.1 Mana Whenua TW Tangata whenua Mana whenua

2.1-Strategic-Direction (6)

2.1.0 Strategic Direction Overview
2.1.1 Strategic Direction Historic and Cultural Heritage
2.1.2 Strategic Direction Sustainability Resilience and Climate Change
2.1.3 Strategic Direction Tangata whenua
2.1.5 Strategic Direction Transport and Infrastructure Provision
2.1.6 Strategic Direction Urban Form and Development

2.2-Financial-Contributions (1)

2.2.1 FC Financial Contributions

2.3-Energy-Infrastructure-and-Transport (4)

2.3.1 Energy Infrastructure and Transport NU Network Utilities
2.3.2 Energy Infrastructure and Transport RE Renewable Energy
2.3.3 Energy Infrastructure and Energy Stormwater
2.3.4 Energy Infratructure and Transport Transport

2.5-Historic-and-Cultural-Values (12)

2.5.1 Historical and Cultural Values PKA Papakainga
2.5.10 Historical and Cultural Values OVR6 Tram Shelter Historic Heritage Overlay
2.5.11 Historical and Cultural Values OVR7 Te Awa Bungalow Historic Heritage Overlay
2.5.12 Historical and Cultural Values OVR8 Iron Pot Heritage Overlay
2.5.2 Historic and Cultural Values Historic Heritage
2.5.3 Historical and Cultural Values TREE Notable Trees
2.5.4 Historical and Cultural Values SOSM Sites of Significance to Maori
2.5.5 Historical and Cultural Values OVR1 Harbour Reserve Historic Heritage Overlay
2.5.6 Historical and Cultural Values OVR2 Coronation Street Historic Heritage Overlay
2.5.7 Historical and Cultural Values OVR3 Marewa Post War Historic Heritage Overlay
2.5.8 Historical and Cultural Values OVR4 Marewa State Housing Historic Heritage Overlay
2.5.9 Historical and Cultural Values OVR5 Napier South Historic Heritage Overlay

2.6-Natural-Environment-Values (3)

2.6.1 Natural Environment Values ECO Ecosystems and Indigenous Biodiversity
2.6.2 Natural Environment Values NFL Natural Features and Landscape
2.6.3 Natural Enviromental Vaules PA Public Access

2.7-Subdivision (1)

2.7.1 Subdivision Subdivision

2.8-General-District-Wide-Matters (7)

2.8.1 General District Wide Matters Activities on the Surface of Water
2.8.2 General District Wide Matters CE Coastal Environment
2.8.3 General District Wide Matters EW Earthworks
2.8.4 General District Wide Matters Light
2.8.5 General District Wide Matters NOISE Noise
2.8.6 General District Wide Matters Signs
2.8.7 General District Wide Matters Temporary Activities

3.1-Residential-Zones (7)

3.1.1 Residential Zone General Residential Zone
3.1.2 Residential Zones Large Lot Residential Zone
3.1.3 Residential Zones MRZ Medium Density Residential Zone
3.1.4 Residential Zones HRZ High Density Residential Zone
3.1.5 Residential Zones Harbour Reserve Amenity Precinct
3.1.6 Residential Zones PREC2 Mission Residential Precinct
3.1.7 Residential Zones Napier Hill Mataruahou Amenity Precinct

3.2-Rural-Zones (8)

3.2.1 Rural Zones RLZ Rural Lifestyle Zone
3.2.2 Rural Zones RPROZ Rural Production Zone
3.2.3 Rural Zones Settlement Zone
3.2.4 Rural Zones RCA Rural Specific Control Area
3.2.5 Rural Zones Jervoistown Precinct
3.2.6 Mission Landscape and visitor precinct
3.2.7 Mission Productive Rural Precinct
3.2.8 Mission Rural Residential Precinct

3.3-Commercial-Zones (9)

3.3.1 Commercial Zones NCZ Neighbourhood Centre Zone
3.3.2 Local Centre Zone
3.3.3 Commercial Zones Large Format Retail Zone
3.3.4 Commercial Zones MUZ Mixed Use Zone
3.3.5 Commercial Zones TCZ Town Centre Zone
3.3.6 Commercial Zones CCZ City Centre Zone
3.3.7 PREC8 Foreshore Commercial Precinct
3.3.8 PREC9 Napier City Heritage Precinct
3.3.9 Commercial Zones West Quay Waterfront Precinct

3.4-Industrial-Zones (2)

3.4.1 Industrial Zones Light Industrial Zone
3.4.2 GIZ General Industrial Zone

3.5-Open-Space-and-Recreation-Zones (3)

3.5.1 Natural Open Spaces Zones
3.5.2 Open Space Zone
3.5.3 Sport and Active Recreation Zone

3.6-Special-Purpose-Zones (8)

3.6.1 Te Whanganui a Orotu Ahuriri Estuary Ecology and Stormwater Treatment Zone
3.6.2 AIRPZ Airport Zone
3.6.4 MIZ Marine Industrial Zone
3.6.5 Special Purpose Zone Maori Purpose Zone
3.6.6 PORTZ Port Zone
3.6.7 STADZ Stadium Zone
3.6.8 Special Purpose Zones TEZ Tertiary Education Zone
3.6.9 Special Purpose Zones WTZ Wastewater Treatment Zone

3.7-Development-Areas (3)

3.7.1 Development Areas Te Awa Development Area
3.7.2 Development areas Wharerangi Road Development Area
3.7.3 DEV3 Mission Development Area

3.8-Designations (5)

3.8.12 Designations NZTA New Zealand Transport Agency
3.8.14 Designations TPR Transpower New Zealand Limited
3.8.2 Designations HBAL Hawkes Bay Airport Limited
3.8.4 Designations KRHL KiwiRail Holdings Limited
3.8.7 Designations MEDU Ministry of Education

4.1-Schedules (6)

4.1.1 Schedules Notable Trees
4.1.2 Schedules Schedule of Natural Features and Landscapes
4.1.3 SCHED3 Historic heritage items
4.1.4 Historic Heritage Overlay and Precinct Schedule
4.1.5 SCHED5 Archeological Sites
4.1.6 SCHED6 Amenity Precinct Values and Attributes Statements

4.2-Appendices (10)

4.2.1 APP1 Airport Height Control Designation
4.2.15 Financial Contributions Tables
4.2.16 Financial Contributions Areas
4.2.18 Roading Hiearchy
4.2.2 Redclyffe Substation 12m Setback
4.2.3 Access Sight Distance Lines
4.2.5a Port Noise Management Plan
4.2.5b Port Noise Mitigation Requirements
4.2.7a Mission Special Character Zone Structure Plan Overall Map
4.2.7b Mission Special Character Zone Structure Plan Area Plan Map

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