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South African War

South African War Memorial on Marine Parade.

Marble and Bluestone.


This memorial was unveiled by Lord Plunkett K.C.V.O. Governor of the Colony, 10 February 1906.

Committee: S Carnell. Mayor, M N Bower. Town Clerk, C H Edwards. A E Eagleton. Hon Secretary Clerk

These tablets were erected by the people of Hawke's Bay to commemorate the part taken by troopers from this District in the South African War 1899-1902, and as a tribute to patriotism shown by them in offering their services in the empire's cause.

This monument was shattered by earthquake in February 1931 and was re-erected by citizens of Napier in February 1947.

Names on the South African War Memorial

First Contingent
Farrier W Peebles Trooper S Northe (died)
Trooper J Catheral Trooper F Harding
Trooper P T Emerson
(Later Lieut 7th & 9th)
Trooper J G Hughes
(Later Lieut D S O also Capt & ADJT 10th)
Trooper T C L Holyoyd  
Lieut O H M Hovell (Later Lieut Manchester Regt)  
Second Contingent
Hotchkiss Battery
Gunner Alan Turnbull
Gunner C A M Chapman
Serg R H F Dumaresque
Corp H Larsen (Later Sgt. 8th)
Trooper W R Boyd
Trooper F W Cook
Trooper A Bierre
Trooper J H Escott
Trooper H E Sommerville
Trooper W Heiford
Trooper E J West
Trooper G V Moore
Third Contingent
Surg Capt S C Godfray
Lieut. W J Berry (died)
Sergt. J B M Paton
Lce Sergt. N W L Mair (later Lieut 9th)
Lce Sergt. A McDonald
Lce. Sergt. E W H Nelson (later Lieut 6th)
Lce Corpl. C O Haggensen
Lce Corpl. W Page
Lce Corpl. T G A Richardson (later Lieut 9th) Far Sergt. T H Barclay
Far. E A Humpheries
Far. J Allen
Far. FT Bradley
Sadr T A Otton
Tr. L Davy
Tr. E Harris
Tr. H Jago
Tr. E H Manning
Tr. A Joseph
Tr. B C McCormick
Tr. S H Smith
Tr. A G B Williams
Tr. H T Whitson
Tr. J T Anderson (died)
Tr. J L Absolom
Tr. A Beckett
Tr. L M Davies
Tr. C L Golding
Tr. J Hobson
Tr. G W Meslop
Tr. E Krogh
Tr. T Cavanagh
Tr. R McCulloch
Tr. E T Poulton
Tr. W Scott (died)
Tr. R G Saxby (later Lieut 9th)
Tr. G Craig
Tr. J Hogg

Tr. J Williams
Tr. W McLelcan
Tr. A T Wellwood (later Cal 9th)
Tr. W E Hawthorne (later Q M Sergt 9th)
Tr. C Watt
Tr. L Collinge
Tr. A G Taubman (later Sergt. 8th)
Tr. Hughes (later Sergt. 8th)
Tr. W J Heiford
Tr. H Clark
Tr. D H Morrisey
Tr. T D F Baker
Tr. A Petersen
Tr. E O F Von Dadelzen
Tr. E J W Conchie
Tr. W T Lowe
Tr. F J McLean
Tr. M McMullen

Lieut. H C Collett (later Lieut 8th)

Fourth Contingent
Lieut. J H Ross (later Capt. 7th & 9th)
Sgt. A Rsad
Sgt. R N Duncan (later Lieut 7th)
Sgt. C G Saxby (later Lieut & Capt 8th)
Sgt. T G H Twistleton (later Lieut 7th – died)
Sgt. E M Grant (later Lieut 9th)
Sdlr Sgt. J E Johnstone
Fr. D K Cameron
Corpl. H J Heckler (later Lieut 7th)
Corpl. W S Woof
Tr. W N Clunie
Tr. W W Frith
Tr. O G Johnson
Tr. A D Condon 
Tr. A G Simpson
Tr. E S Bone
Tr. H E S Banks
Tr. G Fuszard
Tr. F R Goulet
Tr. A Gilmour
Tr. R C Hopkins
Tr. C Hooper
Tr. G Lawson
Tr. J Orr
Tr. W Porter
Tr. E S Petat
Tr. H N Parson 
Tr. J Satterhwaite
Tr. S W Smith
Tr. W Terrill
Tr. F Wells
Tr. L E Braithwaite
Tr. J W Scott
Tr. E A Howell
Tr. J Vaughan
Tr. H J Hawkins
Tr. C A Hurtzell
Tr. R E Lean
Tr. H Nicholls
Tr. F T Doreen
Fifth Contingent
Capt. T E Tanner
Stf Sgt. C J Smith (later Lieut 8th)
Sgt. A J Goodall
Sgt. J W Baker (later Sergt. 8th)
Sgt. J F Speedy
Sgt. A Wallace
Sgt. E Lascelles (later Lieut 3rd Dragoon Gds)
Sgt. G Burgess
Corpl. G Ashby (died)
Corpl. W A Carter
Corpl. W H Klee
Corpl. D Wilson
LCp. G J J Buchanan
LCp. C J Sheil
LCp. J Pattison
Bugler F T Grubb
Tr. W Anderson
Tr. J T Cotter
Tr. R Griffen
Tr. W A Gemmell
Tr. D Lumsden
Tr. J M M McFarlane
Tr. E W Murton
Tr. A J Risden
Tr. J Thompson
Tr. J A Tannon
Tr. C R Waddell
Tr. J Whittle
Tr. F Vickers
Tr. R W Thompson 
Tr. J Beck (died)
Tr. A Braithwaite
Tr. H C Connor (later Actg Sergt 9th)
Tr. J A Wilson
Tr. J Hames
Tr. S F Brandon
Tr. A W Cassidy
Tr. A S Charlton
Tr. D Hickey
Tr. W J S Horne (later Q M Sergt 8th)
Tr. L J McKechnie (died)
Tr. E Marshall
Tr. B Reed
Tr. H J Sinpson
Tr. J Howie 
Sixth Contingent
Sgt. J McGoldrick
Sgt. W Lorigan (later Lieut)
L Corpl. H Connor
Fr. R G Sturm
Bugler. N A McLean
Tr. E Jones
Tr. H G Hurtzell
Tr. A W McMillan
Tr. P E Harvey 
Tr. L A Johnston
Tr. H Steevens
Tr. H W Watkins
Tr. A Walsh
Tr. T Stafford
Tr. H W Gillies
Tr. D McNiven
Tr. A Powell
Tr. E A G Mickle 
Tr. J G P Morgan
Tr. A Snoswell
Tr. E E S Marsh
Tr. L J Law
Tr. G F Nelson
Tr. W A Simmonds
Tr. C C Thomson
Tr. J H Hayward
Tr. J T Lopdell 
Seventh Contingent
Lieut. W G Forsyth (killed)
Lieut. W E Whitely
Stf Sergt. E H Taylor (later Lieut. Paymaster)
SergI. A Petersen
Sergi. W M Miller
Fr SergI. H Newcombe
Corpl. G H Allardice
Corpl. E A Pointon
Lce Corpl. W Falvey
Sh Smith. S D Munn
Tr. T Butler
Tr. A Leyland
Tr. E J Low
Tr. T C Boyle 
Tr. G A Heso
Tr. S Brownette
Tr. H A Christensen
Tr. E W Merritt
Tr. J P McKay
Tr. G Blythe
Tr. T F Carlyle
Tr. H Hegh
Tr. L Klee
Tr. P Nation
Tr. A P Speedy
Tr. T Flint
Tr. E Cornford
Tr. J Bowles 
Tr. D McCulloch
Tr. H Bland
Tr. E W Caulton
Tr. E Gilpin
Tr. C Hampton
Tr. D Pownall
Tr. R D Pascoe
Tr. J Tier
Tr. J K O'Reilly
Tr. J H Phillips
Tr. G Reynolds
Tr. A Wardell
Tr. J Falvey
Tr. W Elliot 
Eigth Contingent
Lieut. V A Kelsall
Lieut. G B Cotterill
Sergt Maj. C D Blakiston
Sergt. L Smith
Fr Sergt. J W Peebles
Corpl. G A Parsons
Corpl. D List
Corpl. M Harding
Corpl. P G Wright
Lce. Corpl. W Clunie 
Sh Smith. A J Kirkham
Tr. W Wilson
Tr. T Cunningham
Tr. A Fergusson
Tr. H R Stanley
Tr. R G Catterhall
Tr. F W Hutchinson
Tr. M G Neilson
Tr. C Morgan
Tr. H Gorman 
Tr. J G Swarbrick
Tr. G H Pufflett
Tr. D Kennedy
Tr. J E Lund
Tr. W Graham
Tr. C Gedge
Tr. P G Andrews
Tr. G N Christian
Tr. GL W H Vickary 
Ninth Contingent
Surg Maj. A Milne Thompson
Capt. T P Halpin
Lieut. G E B Mickle
Sergt. Maj. T S Hewitt
Sergt. T Banks
Sergt. R E Lean
Sergt. T B Bax
Sergt. J A Catherall
Sergt. A K Gilmour
Sergt. L Collinge
Corpl. A E Collett
Corpl. P J Cosgrove
Corpl. W A Peterson
Lce Corpl. J O Scott
Lce Corpl. R Willis
Lce Corpl. R Wolfgram
Lce Corpl. W Grimsdale 
Fr. W White
Tr. T C Beecheye
Tr. C Middleton
Tr. W Gardiner
Tr. F W Ireland
Tr. T W Clifford
Tr. J King
Tr. A B Groom
Tr. L Gordon
Tr. A Green
Tr. E R Broughton
Tr. R W G Ashmore
Tr. A W Allardice
Tr. D McDonald
Tr. J Bieman 
Tr. D N Wallace
Tr. A Clode
Tr. L W Compton
Tr. R Long
Tr. R B Owen
Tr. C O'Neil
Tr. W C Pilmer
Tr. W H Rossiter
Tr. F A Retter
Tr. R Reay
Tr. C A Raynor
Tr. W Symonds
Tr. J Swarbrick
Tr. H G Silvester
Tr. C R Palmer 
Tenth Contingent
Sergt. R J Crichton
Sergt. R G Deighton
Sergt. C E Eccles
Corpl. N O Leslie
Corpl. P J Cooper
Corpl. B J Garnham
Corpl. R Richards
Lce Corpl. C Burton
Lce Corpl. D H Fraser
Lce Corpl. C R Holmes
Lce Corpl. H E Lean
Lce Corpl. M Murphy
Lce Corpl. J Ryan
Sadr. H Jensen
Sadr. N J Greene
Far. E Potter
Tr. W E Brightwell
Tr. J J Bailey
Tr. P S Barry
Tr. D Bypord
Tr. A R Simpson
Tr. D H Rose
Tr. W H Rendle
Tr. J J Tuohy
Tr. Levaillant
Tr. A Petherick 
Tr. R W Bell
Tr. J Buchanan
Tr. G H Bristow
Tr. A Collins
Tr. A Cox
Tr. J J Clegg
Tr. J F Couper
Tr. A Caldwell
Tr. D Casey
Tr. A Christensen
Tr. J W Campbell
Tr. H E Dobbs
Tr. G Innes
Tr. H Drinkwater
Tr. T Davidson
Tr. W Duigan
Tr. W Eugene
Tr. M Ellis
Tr. C F Fenemore
Tr. M A Flynn
Tr. P O'Brien
Tr. W Wilson
Tr. J O'Connor
Tr. J O'Hagan
Tr. L Smith
Tr. C W Tyler 
Tr. G Gordon
Tr. C H Green
Tr. E Hastoch
Tr. G W Horn
Tr. J Hannon
Tr. D Hannon
Tr. W H Hargreaves
Tr. H D Ireland
Tr. F W Kitchener
Tr. T King
Tr. W Neil
Tr. W McLean
Tr. A A Mullander
Tr. G MacDonald
Tr. S Masters
Tr. J Onion
Tr. H W Quinney
Tr. J Snoswell
Tr. H Strothers
Tr. D Vestry
Tr. S Vestry
Tr. J Watson
Tr. G H Whyte
Tr. J W Woods
Tr. R McIver
Tr. H Nuttall
Tr. E G Noedl


South African War Memorial Location Map

Hardinge Road


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